Frequently Asked Questions

If I have more questions, what do I do?

Please email

Are the divisions split between rider styles, skim & surf?

Yes, with the exception of AMATEUR and MASTERS, all divisions are split.

How many riders get to compete?

A total projected 100 riders, will compete

I understand I have to qualify? What does that mean?

The WWSC now requires a qualification stop along the World Series of Wake Surfing to be eligible to ride in the WWSC. You must compete and the World Series organizer validates and submits points for each rider based on their performance. These points will determine your eligibility. Each World Series Stop has so many spots for eligibility based on their projected and actual attendance.

How many points do I need to qualify?

There is no set number that qualifies you. A 5th place finish in Outlaw Surf in Germany with 44 points is stronger than a 4th place finish in Outlaw Surf in Russia with 45 points. However, each stop has so many qualification spots past 3rd place based on the event attendance. Additionally 20 slots are reserved for international riders that are not near a qualifier and were unable to compete, this is the promoters choice selection governed by Fineline Sports Marketing.

If I podium in the World Series am I guaranteed to qualify?
Depending on the division yes. The World Series of Wake Surfing provides qualification for World's attendance in the order of PRO, OUTLAW, AMATEUR & MASTERS. Each rider can take a maximum of two spots, 1 surf & 1 skim. Pro podium placement guarantees the spot for Pro competition regardless of points or event.

If I competed in 2013, do I need to qualify still?

Yes, regardless of your placing in 2013, you must qualify in the World Series each year.

Can I compete in Skim and Surf?

Yes, you can, you need to pre-register for both, qualify for both and ultimately pay an entry fee for both.

What if I competed as an Amateur because there was no Outlaw class?
The organizer submitted your rankings as an amateur, but provided 1st - 6th place, to account for the OUTLAW and AMATEUR class. The points and rankings all play a role in eligibility. Whatever the highest division you competed in, that was submitted by a World Series of Wake Surfing event organizer will become the division you are forced to compete in.

If you competed Amateur and Outlaw anywhere, you will ride Outlaw in both surf and skim if dual registration was selected. If you competed Pro anywhere, you will compete Pro at the World Wake Surfing Championship.

Can riders entries and payments be changed or swapped?

No and due to attire customizations, no refunds or exchanges.

How much does it cost?

Registration is $150.00 for your first entry

Registration is $100.00 for the second entry (optional)

Are there any refunds?


Can you hold my spot?


Can I ride Skim Pro and Surf Outlaw, or vice versa?

No, once you declare yourself as Pro you must remain in the Pro divisions. If you select Pro Skim and want to dual register, you will ride Pro Surf, and vice versa.

Is there dual registration in Masters, Amateur?

No, we offer dual registration in the Outlaw and Pro classes only.

If I compete Pro in the World Series, can I compete Outlaw or Amateur in World Wake Surfing Championship?

If you have competed Pro in another World Series of Wake Surfing Stop, you will be required to compete Pro at the World Wake Surfing Championship. The exceptions are as follows:

- You competed Pro because there was no Outlaw class
- You competed Pro because the World Series organizer promoted you to Pro based on performance (will be validated and assessed).

All promotions and declarations are determined by the WWSC Chief Judge.

How many falls do I get?

On your 3rd fall you are out, in either direction.

What are the prizes? How much cash?

Historically the World Wake Surfing Championship is the largest cash paying Wake Surfing event, nothing will be different in 2014.

How will I be judged or scored?

The CWSA ( will provide the official scorecard, process and values. This will be published on

Is there a published trick list?

Yes, and we will make it available on

Where will the results be posted?

Post Semi-Finals, on site only. Post WWSC all points, places and awards will be published online.

Is the event broadcasted?

Yes, the event will be broadcasted over the air and to the shore.

Can I listen to music when I ride?

Yes, from earbuds, not the boat.

How long is the run, course or pass?

The course is projected to be 60 seconds long at 11 MPH, in both directions.

Can I ship my board or boards to you?

You can coordinate delivery with the resort (Hilton Lake Las Vegas). The WWSC will not be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen boards.

Can I surf without a life jacket?

All riders are required to surf with an approved PFD life jacket.

Can I wear my rider or team jersey?

All riders are required to wear the official 2014 WWSC rider jersey only, during staging and on course. This is requirement.

Can I paddle into the wave?


Can I deck launch?


Can I surf into the boat during session close.

No, do not ever touch the towboats during your wake surfing session at the risk of disqualification.

Do I drop the rope or throw it in?

If you drop, drop to the opposite side, a member from the officiation team will pull it in. If you throw it, try to throw it to someone in the boat.

When do I start getting scored?

You must have the rope in to score points and you accrue points only between the course buoys.

Buoys, what buoys?

The course is marked with a start and end buoy, as well as a smaller 3/4 course identifying buoy in each direction.

What if I am late?

We will do our best to accommodate you, but if you miss your class you likely missed the World Wake Surfing Championship.

Can I bring my boat to watch or practice?


Can I adjust speed?

Yes, you can adjust up or down via normal signals, but please note that time is limited.

At what speed will the boats operate?

The boats will progress at approximately 11MPH but the boat will be set at the speed of the last rider and it’s each rider’s responsibility to communicate their requested speed before their run begins.

Can I take pictures?

Yes! From the shore and we also offer a media / towboat you can register your organization to shoot from!

OK - I hear all this about Skim versus Surf? What's the deal?

Skim and Surf are styles of influence. This is Wake Surfing and some equipment is known to cater and enhance a riders style. Most manufacturers offer a category or a classification of skim or surf on their wake surfboards. You want to select the appropriate division. Typically the fins of a surfboard are direction and larger, the board is bigger (thicker) and more buoyant. There is a measurable degree of rocker on the nose and/or tail. A Skim style board is usually bi-directional, have smaller tracking type fins and are thinner. Surf style wake surfing has aggressive carving, slashing, and an emphasis on aerials. Surface tricks are limited to the 720 and traditional ocean inspired surfing is prevalent. Skim style wake surfing has its roots coastal as well with influence from traditional skim boarding and skateboarding type tricks. Smaller aerials, with an emphasis on surface spinning and shuv-it variation in the 1,3,5,7,10+ and 1,2,5 respectively.

There are riders capable of proving exceptions to both explanations and there are many resources online for division reference. We recommend checking with the CWSA ( In 2012, the divisions of Wake Surfing are split so determining the right division for your style is very important.

Can I change my fins after semi-finals?

Once you've competed in the World Wake Surfing Championship, your equipment must remain the same throughout. The exceptions are: wax additions, stickers, replacing broken accessories (traction, fins) with the same.

Can I ride in the towboat to watch my friends/team/crew?


Can my family, friends or crew members ride in the towboat?


Can I get on the Mic to call my friends run?

Yes - See the emcee

Can I ride in the media / photo boat?

Yes, but this is for legitimate media providers first. With space availability there may be some exceptions for amateurs. See the registration booth to register yourself or your organization.

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